Monday, May 18, 2015

ARTHUR CROWE'S NEW RELEASES & Flash Sale 5/18/15 TO 5/22/15

Arthur Crowe's New Releases!

 Constellation Queens Pack

Constellations Queens Pack with kits

Constellation Aquarius Tube 

 Constellation Aquarius  kit 

Constellation Aquarius Kit with tube

Constellation Gemini tube

 Constellation Gemini kit with tube

 Constellation Gemini kit

Constellation Sagittarius tube
 Constellation Sagittarius  kit with tube

 Constellation Sagittarius  kit

 Tropical beauties Pack
Tropical beauties Pack with kits

Tropical beauty tube
 Tropical beauty kit with tube
Tropical beauty kit

Tropical Sun Beauty Tube
 Tropical Sun Beauty kit with tube
 Tropical Sun Beauty kit

Tropical yellow rock tube
Tropical yellow rock tube with kit
Tropical yellow rock kit

Arthur Crowe's New Bonus tube
Socks Girl!
Spend $8 after sales and discounts in ONE receipt and receive this fabulous SOCKS GIRL BONUS tube and matching scrapkit. Just email customer service at with your receipt to claim your bonus
FLASH SALE!!!!!!!!!


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